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Friday, 9 September 2011

Record Review – The Broken Vinyl Club 'The Broken Vinyl Club'

The Broken Vinyl Club
Acid Jazz

I was very much anticipating this debut release and am happy to report I don’t feel let down. The Cardiff-based quartet moved from See Monkey Do Monkey to Acid Jazz earlier this year, Alan McGee and Liam Gallagher have both been singing their praises… and you can immediately hear why. The main ingredients here are clattering Arctic Monkeys-style guitars, baggy and Britpop organs, Beatles harmonies, country-rock rhythms, and Coral-style arrangements. A heady mix indeed. 

Opener 'Every Inch' reminds me of fellow Acid Jazzers The Moons, mixing the ’60s with the ’90s. The perennial talk of another Britpop period might just be on the mark! 'Hiding From The Truth' is a twisting piece of drama that hints at The Doors,  'One Way Street' is very good slice of psychedelic Britrock with honeyed harmonising that had me cooing with delight, whilst 'She’s Tired' is simply gorgeous: like The Zombies/the Pretties at their most whimsical. The single 'I Want You Girl' sounds like all those Liverpudlian Byrds acolytes (Shack, Stands) – all joyous rhythms and warm vocals. By the time the album closes country-rockers 'Spin Around' and 'Brave Captain' have sailed into view, the former containing a luscious solo cementing it’s brilliance. With the qualities on display here in this walk through the gardens of the past you definitely should fork out for this. And with a little more time and a bit more original thought their second album should seem them fly even higher.
Phil Istine

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