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Friday, 9 September 2011

Record Reviews – Sungrazer 'Mirador'


Dutch trio Sungrazer are clearly a band in the thrall of ’90s stoner godheads Kyuss and various other desert deities, though that doesn’t make the fearsome noise they conjure up on second longplayer, Mirador, any the less exciting.

Packed full of great riffs, particularly on opener ‘Wild Goose’ and instrumental, ‘Octo’, the record also takes numerous exhilarating sidesteps into psychedelia, particularly on the 13-minute opus, ‘Behind’. Here the pummelling riffs are but part of an epic sweep of effects laden guitars conjuring up a particular evocative maelstrom of sound. The vocals are slightly monotonously delivered throughout the album – though fit in perfectly with the overall low-slung menacing mood present on every track.

There’s nothing especially original about this album, but who really cares when your head’s nodding to the rollercoaster riffing and monstrous drumming. Complementing this boisterousness, the quieter passages are hypnotic in their painstaking beauty. Perfect music for both mind and body.
Austin Matthews

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