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Friday, 9 September 2011

Record Review – Cave 'Neverendless'

Drag City 

Cave’s third album sees them rigidly adhere to the Neu! motorik template to create a listenable, if flawed, work. Across five long tracks they pair space rock with drone-y flourishes to enliven the largely instrumental jams.

Krautish inspiration isn’t the only thing present here though, with hints of slacker-style riffing, Stereolab-type pop influences and noise-rock outbursts. Underpinning the band’s sound is incredibly metronomic drum work played with a precision that makes you first assume they employ a German cyborg on sticks duty.

Much of the album is deliberately repetitive though many of the riffs just aren’t good enough to stand up to such tactics and quickly become tedious. This isn’t a bad collection of songs; it just lacks any spark to truly take it into the higher realms. All in all this makes for a pleasant diversion rather than the head-spinning trip the band presumably intended.
Austin Matthews

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