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Monday, 12 December 2011

Record Review - The Danvilles 'Women'

The Danvilles

Mike Hindert's (The Bravery) outfit release their second album: simple but layered, brooding and thoughtful, dirty yet elegant, timeless but bold.

The Danvilles new LP Women explores new reaches. It's a more sombre, a far cry from their previous LPs/compilations, but still emanates a particular recognisable sway. Setting the stride with 'Road', a soulful garage blues riff intertwined with a driving primitive beat gives you no chance to back out now. Although before you know it the tune blocks through to a toe tapping, shoe shuffle, and fifties-inspired pop number.

You can't necessarily put any one particular label on The Danvilles raucous movements, as it's constantly morphing throughout the 10 tracks. Sometimes the interchangeable sound can prove confusing, perhaps even distressing. It manages to redeem itself, and then becomes quite clear that this distress is apt - leaving the palette clear to be veneered once more. The real deal sealer would have to be the fantastic use of dark harmonies, and the background wails pulsating throughout. The substance is heavy, riddled with subtle acrimonious lyrics, and caustically acerbic emotions hidden amongst the jangle. Though in saying so, the overall feel is bright and intoxicating. The Danvilles manage to create a graceful ambience that pervades your skin, and up into your cerebral area.

Finishing up is 'Gamble', an epic number comprised of a fuzzy wall and constantly changing
tempo. It's a struggle to keep from going under, and trying to avoid the end of this beautifully tortured echo of an album that has definitely mastered a morose swagger you will continually revisit.

Nick Banner

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