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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Record Review - Souvaris

Souvaris Souvaris

So good they self-titled it twice, Souvaris Souvaris is the third album by this Nottingham post-rock troupe. While it’s clearly cut from the same cloth as the abstracted textures of their previous efforts, this is sequined and tasselled, too; Souvaris pull out all the stops here and (unlike many in the genre’s canyon) you can imagine this lot cracking a smile every so often, too.

There’s an energetic whirr right from the opener, ‘El Puto Amo’, a glissando suffused with a Neu! insolence and rhythmic energy, while the more measured ‘Mooky’ is slower and considered, emotionally virulent in its aching, potent pauses. But it’s the closer, the nine-minute ‘Irreversible’, which is the real pearl: it evokes the early electro majesty of pre-Dare Human League, also veering towards the artier end of proper disco music, whilst retaining a fierce guitar crunch.

Souvaris Souvaris is like modernist architecture: cyclic, clean-lined and unapologetic.

Jeanette Leech

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