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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Record Review – Pushy Parents

Secret Secret EP

Judging from their sound (twee pop at its finest) and promotional video, you’d think the average age of the members of this Swedish quartet was about 12. But hiding behind the cute kids are the talents of some of the finest purveyors of Swedish pop on the scene today. This studio-only project features the cuddly vocals of Amanda Aldervall (Free Loan Investments, The Busy Band, The Andersen Tapes), her former Free Loan Investments partner Roger Gunnarsson (The Happy Birthdays, Nixon), along with Daniel Janssen (The Consequences), and a composer/producer identified in the press release as Le Prix (possibly Johan Emmoth).  Together they’ve crafted one of the finest collections of bubbly pop to burst from your speakers this year.

The title track bounces along on the back of an incessant bass throb and tinkling keyboard riff that won’t leave your head for days. ‘Hold Me Tight or Let Me Go’ is a gorgeous slice of vintage ’60s girl group goodness and ‘He’s My Saturday’ is Lulu-meets-Nancy Sinatra channelled through Lesley Gore. Galloping backbeats, thumping, Northern Soul grooves, and Aldervall’s breathy vocals are sure to make this a solid, dance floor fave. Aldervall drops her voice a few octaves for the rousing finale, ‘Dear John’, which ventures into giddy, synth pop – imagine Lush produced by Ian Broudie. A definite candidate for single of the year!
Jeff Penczak

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