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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Record Review - Junior Electronics



Bureau B CD

Is there room in the world for another undanceable electro-pop act? You bet! Junior Electronics is the nom de plume of musician/engineer Joe Watson, who’s played keyboards with Stereolab since 2004’s Margerine Eclipse and engineered their last three albums. He’s also worked with The High Llamas – and fans of both bands should check this out.

Watson’s second album is a fusion of the post-rock world he loves, with Krautrock and lounge melding with the harder-edged electro of, say, Fischerspooner. Watson’s vamping keyboard style is very similar to Sean O’Hagan’s on some tracks and, like the Llamas’ front man, he seems determined to find the mythical “lost chord”. The key difference is his use of harmonies. They’re distinctly jazzier than O’Hagan’s ’60s-influenced choral sound and, although complex, these hypnotics tunes are soon taking you places you didn’t know you wanted to visit.

Chris Twomey

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