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Monday, 16 April 2012

Record Review - Night Of Treason

Night Of Treason

Gentlemen And Hooligans

Night Of Treason CD

Named after the The Clash’s landmark November 1976 gig, Night Of Treason started life in 2004 as a South coast punk tribute band, belting out cover versions of three-chord wonders from back in the day. Gradually, the band started working their own songs into the set, finally emerging with their debut album featuring 13 original songs.

The band charge with gusto through high-velocity titles like ‘If You Wannit’ and ‘Speed & Glue (& Rock ’n’ Roll)’, flying with chiming guitars, terrace choruses, joined by dashes of Libertines whimsy on ‘What Became Of The Boys Brigade?’ and ‘Ballad Of The Teddy Boy (From Ladbroke Grove)’. With the acoustic lull of ‘Violette’, classic rock ’n’ roll knees-up of the title track and ‘Skate City’’s reggae lilt, all bases are covered for the ultimate old punk’s fantasy set with lyrics for the 21st century (and anti-war message on ‘A Letter From The Front’). Great fun.

Kris Needs

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