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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Record Review - Spectrasonic


Spectrasonic 2

Local Underground Recordings CD / download

Formed in 1990 following the split of cult Bristol band The Family, Spectrasonic featured future McDowell main man Mark Hymas once again leading the pack, this time as fragile post-Britpop meets prime-era Stones meets Spaceman 3 druggy-ness. The band went through several line-up changes which may well have scuppered their chances at that ever-elusive major record deal. This release compiles the best of the band’s late ’90s singles and recordings which were released on various Bristol indie labels at the time and are now hard to find.

Standouts here that should have been hits if life had been fairer include ‘Don’t Need The Man’ and ‘In My Head’. With another volume promised for release later this year, a one-off reunion gig would certainly be something Id look forward to, if Mark can squeeze it in alongside his ever busy duties with McDowell.

Luke Smyth

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