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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Record Review – Apache Dropout

Apache Dropout
Family Vineyard Records

Now get this. MOJO magazine say: "[the best] re-scoring of the garage-rock aesthetic in the 21st century." Christ!

Shindig! says: Blimey! When people like The Higher State and Jacco Gardner are happily making  music as amazing as the old stuff that inspires them with so much spark and brilliance that it sounds  new, the sloppy Apache Dropout and their  lo-fi monotonous racket are put to shame. Why re-score? The Dwarves' Horror Stories did that back in the ’80s and it worked, and if after snotty teen garage buy a few vols of the originators on BFTG.  Apache Dropout want to be clever and cool, but aren't. They aren't the Elevators, the VU, The Fugs, Jonathan Richman or anyone else who toyed with conventions.  They aren't garage!

Jon 'Mojo' Mills


  1. Garage is not nice and new. It's for dirty poor people getting off in basements and squats to a musical tradition they inherited in their communities. These guys are not trying to be clever-- that's what critics do. They are an authentic garage band from the American Midwest, and you don't get it probably because everything in your life is a put on. I bet these guys would be proud to be shamed by a smarmy shit like you.

  2. 15 page views and one comment. Let me explain (PR or band member) garage is not nice and new, nor is it for poor people. The teens who were inspired by The Beatles/Stones/Yardbirds/Zombies back in the mid-60s were nice middle-class boys and most made lovely music – The Remains, The Rising Storm, The Gants to name a few.
    I am not a "put on" . I played garage music throughout the ’90s and toured Europe and have edited a magazine that has brought the music to the High Street. I love "garage" but if it is called "garage" it has to be on my terms... the "genre tag" has become so reshaped and misused. I detest the way certain areas of the media have to "re-score" a tried and tested formula. A lo-fi band to my ears being hailed as the greatest garage band of the 21st century is a bone of contention.
    Please listen to the artists I have mentioned – new acts who recapture the wonderful music of that era without adding anything new or dirtying it. No offence to AD. I know people who love them, but they also probably misuse the term garage too. Garage bands were melodic and often wild mid-60s acts whose limitations made them punk. It was really not always the intention.