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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Record Review - The Hypnotic Eye

Self-released 7"

The debut single from the Wimbledon five-piece is a double A-sider, showcasing their multi-tempoed manic take on the garage-psych genre. Song one is the original ‘Marianne’. The chorus features a “Get High” refrain shouted by fellow psychedelic brothers Rhys and Joe of The Horrors fame (reprised on the run-out groove for kicks) which gives it a terrace punk feel on top of a bed of Vox organ and spidery guitar. Vocalist Grace Lightman has an unmistakable voice, both sultry and mean-spirited (like the best femme fatales always are). The song turns to sprint during the final section, and when it eventually finishes you feel breathless! A very original take on old ideas, I’m entranced by it and so will you be. A better debut you’re unlikely to hear for quite a while.

On the other side in this handsomely designed limited 7” release is a very windswept take on The Omens garage classic ‘Searching’. It’s pretty faithful to the version we all know and love, the organ solo being particularly OTT and deranged. Production levels are staggering high for a band of their stature, the lucky beggars. When the guitar solo comes in it’s sound like the apocalypse has arrived! It must have been a lot of fun to record.

Is this the start of something magical?

Phil Istine

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