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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Record Review - Rock 'n' Roll Monkey & The Robots

Spooky Kooky Attic Static
Rock'n'Roll Monkey Records CD

The back-to-Detroit trio are now onto album number four, and thankfully being on this ride is still as joyful as ever. We still hear catchy, trashy rock'n'roll with varying shades of influence, the primary ones seemingly modern surf rock ('Static'), The Cramps ('Sadie Was A Bad Dog', 'Too Fast'), and the B-52s ('Oh Polka Dot').

Elsewhere I hear garage frat ('Thirsty Monkey'), 1950s guitars on the humorous 'I Should've Stayed In Detroit', and a touch of country pop ('Toxic House'). Despite the multiple sounds the album is still an extremely coherent listen - for example the vocals having a strong identity of their own. Big, dumb, fun - savour this outift! Take heart from their philosophy as outlined on the second track: "Love Someone/Put A Record On".

P.S. Help the band make album number five here!

Phil Istine

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