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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Book release: The A to Z of Mod

The A to Z of Mod is the new book by mod luminaries Paolo Hewitt and Mark Baxter. Shindig! joined the launch party in London's Covent Garden, at the Fred Perry store (where else?!).

On hand were both authors, though sadly I didn't spot foreword writer and now Hollywood superstar Martin Freeman in attendance. Most of the London ace faces were there to congratulate the pair, including fellow author Terry Rawlings, and BBC Radio DJ Gary Crowley. Modern mod legends Dave Edwards and Smiler were behind the decks to provide a suitably mod soundtrack  to our early summer's evening, and what a convivial atmosphere ensured.

As for the book, well it's like a bible for the evergreen youth cult that matured into a way of life. From Absolute Beginners to Zoot Money, they explore the sartorial, societal, and cultural aspects of Modernism from the late 50s through to today. London clubs, Lambrettas, cigarettes, speed, trim suits, sunglasses and loafers - they are all there. A range of colourful illustrations help bring the mod style to life. A solid purchase for all '60s heads of all persuasions.

Smart Phil

The A to Z of Mod on Amazon

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