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Monday, 25 June 2012

Record Review - Elika


‘Nice voice.’ ‘Yeah, nice voice.’ ‘Stevie Nicks sort of thing.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Nice synths.’ ‘If you say so.’
‘Don’t you like it?’ ‘It’s alright.’ ‘No, I mean, the sound, you know…’ ‘What?’
‘Sort of sweet. Comforting. Relaxing.’ ‘Yeah I suppose so’
 ‘Well don’t just agree with me; say something.’ ‘Not much to say, is there? Just sort of drifts in and out’
‘I like her voice. Honey dipped, wouldn’t you say?’ ‘Yeah, honey dipped’ 
‘The synths are good. Unobtrusive; complement her voice well.’ ‘Yeah, sure’
‘For heaven’s sake, you must have more to say than just ‘Yeah sure.’ ‘Whatever’
‘What about that one that rocked a bit? ‘Count your Steps’ that’s more you isn’t it?’ ‘Yeah, it was alright’
‘It’s like trying to get blood out of a stone. You must have thought something of ‘Stay Beside Me’; beautiful touching love song? Or ‘Trials’; a tender confessional. No?’
‘I just don’t see the point of this music. It comes in; it goes out and says next to nothing while it’s here.’
‘My stars, I think you just expressed an opinion.’ ‘Yeah, well I hope you think it was worth provoking me for.’
‘No need to get grouchy, I just wanted to hear what you thought of it, that’s all.’ ‘The same as I think of all this shoegazey, synthy stuff; a waste of time. Why do you like it so much?’
‘I don’t, much. I just like a few things I’ve heard and you know I’ll forgive a lot when there’s a good voice singing it.’
‘Sure, whatever you say. I just think if it isn’t grabbing me by the lapels and shaking me, it’s not worth the candle.’
‘OK. Coffee?’ ‘Yeah, great.’

‘Can’t we just have it on, you know, in the background?’


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