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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Record Review – The Entrance Band

The Entrance Band

Music, of any hue, is all about transmission and reception. The message is divined by the band, tuning into the channel from the astral evermore and interpreting it into songs, melody lines, riffs, hooks. Reception here is key – misinterpreting the message can lead to specious music, blended incorrectly, lines askew, pieces out of place.

The Entrance Band interpret those messages into crystalline psych wonder – the heavily effects ridden slide-guitar meshing perfectly with the powerful rhythm section across three tracks of mind-blowing sounds veering from long instrumental washes to swampy blues-psych numbers. There are three songs here totaling just 22 minutes but for that short duration their sounds are all encompassing and enveloping – and will have you reaching for the repeat button while the last note still resonates.

The band has clearly formed the vessel for receiving the celestial transmission. They need now to find the right audience – to complete the circuit and flow through their kinetic electricity direct into the ears of eager psych-fans the world over. The message is being broadcast – are you receiving it?

Austin Matthews

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