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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Interview with The Wizards of Delight

Austin Matthews speaks to The Wizards from Wessex.

Shindig!: Who or what are The Wizards of Delight?

Rarg: We are throbbing, glowing, fractal beings of pure psychedelic energy, roaming the kingdom of Wessex and beyond, bringing righteous music to anyone who dares cross our path. We formed ourselves through the Aether, and have created music through means of long-distance psychic communication. That, and we're basically a Simon & Garfunkel for Live-Action Roleplayers.

Shindig!: You describe yourselves as ‘medieval boogie’ – can you expand on this a little more?

Mazzereth: Imagine Status Quo dressed up as Circulus and sounding like the year 2000 as imagined in the 1950s while being obsessed with judgement day...that's medieval boogie.

Shindig!: Where does the medieval element come into your music? Do you employ an electric dulcimer or psaltery?

Rarg: Sadly not. If we had access to them, we would have used a pipe organ and a cimbalom on a couple of the tunes. And a cittern or a hurdy-gurdy (I love a good hurdy-gurdy). Medieval instruments are fucking ace! Maybe next time.

Shindig!: ‘Time Travel Lady’ is a ferocious boogie stomper with a great synth breakdown. Is this emblematic of your material?

Rarg: You just wait until you hear the 26-minute orchestral psychedelic space-rock EPIC about a misunderstood genius who sets off on an intergalactic voyage and encounters space demons from beyond the black hole. You will shit yourself in astonishment AND cry with triumph and joy at the same time.

Shindig!: What are the plans for the Wizards? World domination?

Mazzereth: World Domination would be good…and I would make an excellent rock star...I have read all the books and seen all the vidz...I know what to do...I'm ready.

Shindig!: What other bands have you played in?

Rarg: Oh God, I've played in something like 50 bands, of all sorts, ranging from top 40 weddings n' functions covers bands (and yes, I have played ‘Lady In Red’), to acoustic folk groups, choirs, pit orchestras, blues, country n' western, plus a jazz big band or two. I also spent 12 years playing keyboards and co-writing songs for the mighty and awesome Smokehand and I now play in deranged instrumental surf-psych-prog trio, Mustard Allegro.

Mazzereth: I used to play in the following...Battlewitch (REAL Heavy Metal), Peace (70s Rock), Trebuchet (Super Rock). I now play in Ratz Ass (Ultra Party Downer Blues) and Groan (Thunder Boogie Doom ‘N’ Roll)

Shindig!: Are you planning on playing live at any point?

Rarg: If you invoke us, either through runes, a sacred magickal circle, or if you send us an email, we shall appear.

Shindig!: Finally, of what feat of wizardry are you most proud?

Rarg: I dunno about actual wizardry, but I once made a piece of music out of recording the sound of my own piss and some samples of Benjamin Britten's Four Sea Interludes. I call it "A Drop in the Ocean".

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