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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Record Review - Ian Evans


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London solo artist Evans has experimented with the genres over the past decade, landing on a unique sound that is hard to define, with “psychedelic art-rock” perhaps being as close as I’d like to attempt. This home-recorded three track EP is a progressive romp through his tastes. Opener and title track ‘Ghostwatch’ sets the scene, 80s sounding production and looping, jangly guitars, with the discordant melodies of the post-punk era too. His voice is sweet and unsettling, like he might hug you to death.

‘Too Tasty For You, Lager Boy?’ is as knowing as the title, with an American college indie/Polvo/ Pavement/mid-80s REM heart. Nothing you’re unlikely to have not heard before in your misspent youth, but a comforting soft punk blast of disharmony nonetheless. Finally we have a literal ‘Storm In A Teacup’, the most indie-est of the tracks here and a little headache-inducing for me. The sharp guitar line is a joy though, just not enough to rescue it from ‘forgettable noise’ to these ears.

Clearly a talented man, Evans would probably benefit from a full band to realise these songs fully. I look forward to more of his warm discordant pop songs soon.

Phil Istine 

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