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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Record Review - Jamestown Pagans

Inheritance EP

This three-piece LA outfit may be labeled as prog rock but this four track 28 minute EP is full of open spaces and broad splashes of retro/classic rock stylings. The set kicks off with the 7 minute-plus 'For Release'. The guitar of Jacob Simpson and Christopher Hurt’s keyboard leads you gently into the song, setting the tone for the whole album (let’s face it, 28 minutes was near enough album length once upon a time) before the drums (Taylor Mills) hit and the tempo and the sound slowly but surely build.

'Mirrors' follows and for some reason I’'m reminded of that late 60s country rock sound that was so popular for awhile, more for the feel than the actual sound but it’s there in the spaces, the guitar tone, the splash of organ. That feeling continues with 'Waiting On The Wind', the interplay of guitar and keys so sweet and pure before the 9 minute 30 second finale 'Crumbling'  gives prog rock a modern face, slowly building up with Hurt again leading the way on organ, filling in the gaps and proving you don’t need a slashing guitar solo to rock hard and fittingly it’s the keyboard that finishes the song and the album. 

With no fancy gimmicks, no sampling, no tricks, Jamestown Pagans are a breath of fresh air, just three guys playing music, stretching out and leaving space for your imagination, space to breathe and space to hear the music. Prog rock never sounded so refreshing.


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