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Friday, 10 August 2012

Record Review - The Phantom Keys

The Real Sounds Of

Screaming Apple LP/CD

Beginning life some years ago as a psychedelically-inclined garage hybrid, with a tasty remake of the Velvet Illusions' theme song on their debut 7", here's the first long-player from Spain's Phantom Keys. So, what's the scene Mo'reen?

There's been talk of them going more R&B lately; lead guitarist Roi Fontoira can certainly pull off the licks. One reason for the recent departure of former Thanes bassist Mal Kergan too was that R&B was perhaps crowding out many other influences the group had. While the R&B emphasis is strong, they've also retained the folk-beat punk and fuzzy garage angles that coloured their previous work.

The Real Sounds Of involved much sweat and coaxing the best from vintage hand-me-down equipment, and it grows on you with each spin. A few Tell-Tale Hearts-style r'n'beat-punkers, and the well-placed 'Even If I Try', 'Evil Eye' and 'My Last Mistake' offer a solid representation of their remit, as does Marcos "Marky" Mascato's impassioned vocals. He also designed the jazzy mod beat, period style ice blue cover design too.

Lenny Helsing

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