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Friday, 17 August 2012

Record Review - UMA

Drop Your Soul EP
See You CD / download

This Kraut pop electronica duo drift effortlessly across their own Dada-smeared universe with this five track effort, helped by iconic legends Silver Apples who smash their way into the title track with a soldering iron and attitude adding some grunt to the sound before the band drifts back again into their own pop glitch universe with 'Mirror/Dignity' and 'Birds', the sound building on its foundations of gaps, glitches, keyboard and Dada.

This is followed by 'Wild At Heart' with its poppy nod to Laurie Anderson’s O Superman before a Yosi Horikawa remix adds texture of its own to 'Drop Your Soul' to wrap up proceedings. More Silver Apples crunch would have been nice but hell it’s hard to argue with the palette these two have used to make their musical paintings. And any band that gets me thinking ‘I must dig out my No-Man albums’ has got something going for them.

Kami McInnes

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