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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Record Review - The Bidons

Granma Killer!!!

Area Pirata download

This mini-LP by five Italian garage punks is very much in the tradition of loud and trashy Stooges-y European rock’n’roll. Part 80s garage/power-pop, part 70s hard rock, part 60s homage (via covers of The Strangeloves and The Avengers), what you see/hear is what you get.

So is it distinguishable from the pack? No, but that’s not the point. Sweaty, brash, short blasts of punk attitude rarely are. Just listen to the crunch of those guitars - is doesn’t get better than that! Their version of ‘Night Time’ has an excited bassline and the band just let everything hang out in the most infectious way.

The fuzz and organ twin attack of ‘Wolves of Saint August’ is just beautifully controlled aggression and would slay dancefloors if released on 45. The title track is 80s power punk in excelsis. The rest of the album rides it luck on energy and melody alone, and I never felt bored listening to it. They finish this eight-tracker with a fun, quick run-through of ‘Be A Caveman’, and I’m left wanting more. High praise indeed for a music form that is easy to make but hard to perfect.

Phil Istine

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