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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Record Review - The Solar System

Lysergic Summer
Self-released download/USB stick

Perhaps not as trippy as the title would like to suggest, Lysergic Summer is the latest effort from American one man band Chris Oliver, a proficient little bugger with a string of self released albums and EP’s. The nine track album is a short, sharp burst of quirky, psych pop, the sound of the 60s filtered through a net curtain in some American kid’s bedroom in the new millennium.

Most of the tracks are very short, only three even breaking the 3 minute barrier, so there’s the feeling of scraps occasionally, of Chris just toying. But there’s some sweet, sweet guitar work just drifting through the ether, that unmistakable sound of off-kilter percussion that you get with “home” recordings (a sound that I always love), the wonky tape loop thing and some pretty fine pop tunes including 'Watch The Fall' and 'Fast Cycle' hiding in there. Not so much acid as maybe Lemon Sherbet but still pretty sweet stuff.

Kami McInnes

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