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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Record Review - White Fence

Family Perfume Volumes 1 & 2

Woodist CD/2-LP

LA-based White Fence is the subtle, melodic and scorchingly psychedelic solo bedroom recording project of Darker My Love mouthpiece Tim Presley. White Fence fuses outer spectrum sonic elements such as ’60s punk, folk-rock jangle, smatterings of programmed drums, biker-psych leads that’ll rattle your retinas, and the punk-ist deconstructionisms of Brit DIY, evoking shades of ’60s-early ’80s weirdo outsiders and skewed pop pariahs who’ve later been lauded. 

On their third and fourth respective releases compiled here (released in limited run as separate LPs) Presley doses us with a more progressively diverse set of sounds which gel remarkably, brandishing elliptical lyrics bringing rewards upon repeated listens. From the true modern barroom psych-pop classic ‘It Will Never Be’, Syd-isms of ‘Balance Your Heart’ and blistering ‘Long White Curtain’, highlights within are too many to mention. ‘King Of The Decade’ certainly gets a nod. 

Cuddle up, warm blanket in tow, and stay bedroom-bound (as we hope Tim will) Linus-style and ponder why his comrade Ty Segall is the one seeing the shine.

Jeremy Cargill

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