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Friday, 21 September 2012

Record Review - Gnod

5th Sun/5th Dub

Trensmat 7”

The only previous exposure to Gnod I have had is the excellent split album with White Hills (Gnod Drop Out with White Hills) which is a really excellent disc of experimental psych-y spacerock that’s heartily recommended to all. This single, however, is a much heavier affair built around a momentous doom riff which first ascends then descends into the pit from whence it came.

Added to this huge riff are numerous experimental squalls of noise, unintelligible vocals and disorientating effects. While this may make the track sound a bit of a mess, the central guitar motif keeps everything grounded solidly with a queasy groove that anchors all the madness surrounding it.

To complete the package the flip is a demented dub take on the ‘A’ side. Very much coming across as a unique piece in itself, it heralds a much less travelled path that I’d be hugely interested in hearing the band explore further. The whole thing comes in a sunshine coloured sleeve with similarly garish coloured vinyl. You might not find too much summery pop on the single but it will grill your gluteus maximus and simultaneously deep-fry your frontal lobe.

Austin Matthews

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