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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Covered: Classic Sleeves And Their Imitators (Book)

Covered: Classic Sleeves And Their Imitators

Lovely. What with books making such a huge loss it's promising to see a  small publisher doing in print what could be so boringly done on the web.

The premise for this 10" book is simple. It takes a record sleeve and then features a host of imitators, rip offs and homages to the cover design. Along with the more known Beatles/Beach Boys/AC/DC entries we also find The Psychedelic Sound Of... The Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Buffalo Springfield's Again and Q65's Revolution.  Shindig! friends that have taken their cue from the stars include The Cynics, Gorilla, The Perverts, The A Bones and The Chesterfield Kings. Compiling all of this must have been hard work.

A great project and hell of a lot of fun. This is definitely a fine book to flick through when friends are over for a music session. Long live print!
Jon 'Mojo' Mills

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  1. Just to let you know the link to the publisher is wrong. it should be www . easyontheeye . net the link in the article has an extra e in.

    Looks like a great book too, thanks for drawing my attention to it.