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Monday, 23 January 2012

Record Review - Siena Root

Root Jam

Although Swedish band Siena Root have been knocking around for a while now, putting out albums in striking psychedelic sleeves, somehow I’ve never taken the time to listen to them. That was a mistake as this live album reveals them as a well-honed rock machine with a very cool early ’70s hard rock psychedelic vibe. Flashes of Deep Purple, various obscure US combos and Scandinavian hard rock are the references but the overall sound has an originality and presence of its own. Driving, jamming tracks, some nifty guitar, and electric sitar (whoa!) and a real confidence in the overall execution show this band as passionate and highly accomplished group. The combination of male and female vocals at times give the band the feel of some early ’70s German band. If their studio recordings are as good as this then they are definitely worth looking into.

Richard Allen

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