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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Record Review - Black Pyramid

Black Pyramid
Black Pyramid II

Black Pyramid’s self-titled debut album came out of nowhere to be one of the exceptional releases of 2009. Combining extremely noisy stoner doom with extended guitar workouts and the odd psych/prog tinge, the main attraction of the band is the superb riffs and melodies from lead singer Andy Beresky which gives the material its edge. The band have since fallen out amid acrimony and numerous bizarre postings on internet message boards that will probably make sense with the benefit of a couple of year’s hindsight.

Starting off with a real blaster in ‘Endless Agony’ this album threatens to be just as good at its predecessor and indeed, the opening four tracks are belting stuff. The fourth, ‘Dreams of the Dead’ is the best of the whole LP; a more reflective number which spirals into a long psychy guitar workout that alternately thrills and bewitches. Thereafter the album goes downhill in quality somewhat. The riffs and melodies of the last four tracks just don’t match up to what’s gone before and are occasionally fairly forgettable. It’s certainly still worth a listen but nowhere near the dizzy heights of their first.

Austin Matthews

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