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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Record Review - Mondo Jet Set

Ha Ha Ha

Remember when all pop music was this compact, terse and literate? No, me neither, with a few cherished exceptions. Mondo Jet Set breathe much the same rarefied garret air as The Auteurs, Momus and Pete Astor: their compositions are littered with prickly (and often bleakly hilarious) self-referential detail, yet dispensed with a debonair insouciance. They’re the sort of songs you’d sing under your breath with a cigarette dangling rakishly on your lips and a blindfold over your eyes as you faced a firing squad.

Ha Ha Ha is really rather brilliant. Witness ‘Funny Ha Ha, Bed Sitting Room’ – twisted twist for irradiated atom-age school-leavers – and the rueful ‘I Danced In A Secular Fashion’, which contains a sweetly observant zinger about Lou Reed. Speaking of Reed, ‘Ancient Green Carpet’ and ‘Jin’ paint a suffocating picture of dysmorphic domesticity that wouldn’t be out of place on side two of Berlin – were it not for the Mondos’ Wildean wit.

Marco Rossi

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