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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Book News - Demons, Fairies & Wailing Guitars

Demons, Fairies & Wailing Guitars - The Best 100 Obscure Rock Acts 1968-1976

Demons…is a new book by Ra'anan Chelled covering 100 lesser known names from the worlds of prog, psych, hard rock, blues rock, folk, singer-songwriter and krautrock. Covering all the ground from Aguaturbia to Zerfas, some of the bands in between may not appear to be too obscure (MC5 and Hawkwind to name two) though have been chosen for their relative lower international profile than the major acts of the day. 

Happening caught up with Ra’anan for a few words on his book. “The whole thing started in 2003 or 2004 when I wrote a piece for the my university weekly titled ‘The Best Bands You've Never Heard About’, which got some good feedback. So from then on I occasionally wrote about another obscure band for the paper, never coming short with a new one, till finally it hit me that it's a pretty rad idea for a book”. Originally published in Hebrew it is has taken Ra’anan around a year to translate it himself into English.

Asked to name his favourite band in the book, Ra’anan comments, “I have a soft spot for Leaf Hound. Their album Growers of Mushroom propelled me to the world of obscure Rock. I remember hearing it for the first time and thinking "Holy shit! If something this good escaped the ears of the masses, what else is out there?" And there is plenty.”

Featuring exclusive photos and interviews, you can either pick up an electronic copy from Amazon or order a physical copy from Ra'anan.

Austin Matthews

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