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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Record Review – Stay

The Fourth Dimension
Subterfuge Records CD/LP

This young Catalan band describe themselves as a spacerock group which is rather akin to Bon Jovi describing themselves as a black metal act – there is only a passing similarity, if any, to the actual reality. The band are much closer to a Byrds or Buffalo Springfield sound than anything remotely approaching Hawkwind or Gong. The overall mood pervading however is of the sounds of the late ’60s fed through the prism of ’90s indie revivalists.

Such false advertising aside, the album itself is a relatively pleasant and plaintive affair with gentle pop psych touches. The standout tracks are ‘Yellow Rainbows’ with its yearning pretty melody and ‘Take Me Away’ whose punchy acid guitar at last breaks through the relatively mannered material on the rest of the album.

Perhaps another Shindig! reviewer would flip over their sound but I confess nothing much particularly grabbed me and screamed "play me again". I could find little original in the record, though the quality of their songwriting is undoubted. Plus someone should really buy them a copy of Space Ritual so they can work out which genre they’re in.

Austin Matthews

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