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Monday, 12 November 2012

Record Review – Wo Fat

The Black Code

Wo Fat, like label mates Lo Pan, are named after a fictional Chinese villain, this time from Hawaii 5-0 rather than Big Trouble In Little China. Hopefully there are more Small Stone bands out there named after other such comical nemeses.

Having not heard a stoner doom record for a while that’s really blown me away, I was hugely thrilled by this album. This is super heavy groove-hungry doom with a huge bottom end propelling five tracks of Sabbath-style riffing and massive wah-wah solos. The band change up the formula with ‘Hurt At Gone’, whose avalanche-slide guitar adds a southern rock flourish to proceedings.  The final two tracks are swathed in an effects-driven psychedelic archipelago that arises from the bass-anchored primordial soup.

A truly superb album from beginning to end that also delights with its cover art, which echoes the 1981 movie Heavy Metal. Go pick it up.

Austin Matthews

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