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Thursday, 8 November 2012

DVD Review – Status Quo


Alan G. Parker’s new Quo documentary Hello Quo is a career-spanning marathon, at over two and half hours in length, and let’s face it, some readers are unlikely to reap the same rewards as aficionados of the Quo. The film is a muddle of talking heads featuring Rossi, Parfitt, Lancaster and Coghlan, plus some surprising guest commentaries from the likes of Thin Lizzy’s Scott Gorham, Paul Weller (demonstrating how to play the riff from 'In My Chair' on an acoustic), and Jim Davidson (indeed). 

I can sleep easy in my bed now, safe in the knowledge that poor old Alan Lancaster hadn’t spent his down time on tour sightseeing on his lonesome (on the contrary, by 1974, Alans Lancaster and Bown would wile away their days at the Colosseum or other such place of significant historical interest). There are some scorching vintage interviews to bring a smile to your face, and some mind-boggling revelations (yes, the legendary “polish” group masturbation sessions - all “grab your towels lads” to the tune of a flickering blue feature, much to the chagrin of a willing and able groupie). Don’t expect A Dog Of Two Head Classic Album, just sit back and re-affirm your love of all things Quo. Personally, I’m overjoyed that Quo are having a renaissance and I’m more than happy to hear the Rossi, Parfitt, Lancaster and Coghlan line-up will be touring (face it, they haven’t been taken seriously since the demise of that line-up). If I think of Hello Quo, my mind is immediately drawn to ’73’s Hello!, 'Roll Over Lay Down', and that free poster of the classic line-up clad in tight prospect-ruining denims. It’s a charity shop/pound box favourite now, and one of these days somebody (probably yours truly) will have the foresight to wallpaper a small back bedroom in that iconic (free) poster. Will be a darn sight cheaper than anaglypta.

Louis Comfort-Wiggett

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