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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Jam - Classic Album Selection

Six albums in one box - released December 3rd on Universal.

On November 19th Universal release a set of all The Jam’s classic albums in one nifty little box. Packaged in individual vinyl-replica CDs with rigid slipcases, and would fit nicely into any music fan’s Christmas stocking.

This complete studio album collection is released to mark the 30th anniversary of the band’s startling split in 1982 – at the height of their success and fame, and when principal singer and songwriter Paul Weller was juts a mere 24 years old! This set of albums is released on the same day as the super-deluxe box set of the Jam’s final album The Gift. The Jam were one of the most popular bands to emerge from the British punk rock scene in 1977 (although not technically a ‘punk’ band); along with The Sex Pistols, Clash, Buzzcocks. They had the most impact on pop music in their short career with18 consecutive Top 40 singles in the UK (including four number one
s). The Jam had a fanatical following and their gigs would sell out within minutes. Still beloved of original fans and new supporters through Weller’s solo career – he still plays many of the Jam songs in his live sets today.

1. In The City

· Debut LP from May 1977. Influenced by The Who and Dr Feelgood..

· Includes hit single – 'In The City' and Weller’s most ambitious early song – 'Away From The Numbers'.

2. This Is The Modern World

· Follow-up, released a few months after debut in late 1977.

· Includes hit single 'The Modern World'.

3. All Mod Cons

· Landmark album from 1978 that marked a turning point in The Jam's career, Weller's more melodic, complex, and lyrically incisive song-writing heavily influenced by The Kinks.

· Includes the classic hit singles 'Down In The Tube Station At Midnight' and double A-side 'David Watts' /' 'A' Bomb in Wardour Street'.

4. Setting Sons

· Released at the end of 1979, number four in the U.K. and their first charting album in the U.S.

· Loosely conceived as a ‘concept’ album, with a distinct link between key songs - 'Thick As Thieves', 'Little Boy Soldiers', 'Wasteland' and 'Burning Sky'.

· Includes hit single – 'The Eton Rifles'.

5. Sound Affects

· The ambitious, experimental Sound Affects followed in 1980, moving away from the classic Jam sound it made number two in the U.K. At the time Weller considered the album a cross between Off The Wall and Revolver and cites it as his favourite Jam album.

· Includes no. 1 single 'Start!' and one of the band’s most cherished songs – 'That’s Entertainment'.

6. The Gift

· The band’s final studio album from 1982 and first number 1 album – a departure from the harder Jam sound, including more soul and funk influences that would preface Weller’s next project - The Style Council.

· Includes the double A-side number 1 single 'Town Called Malice' / 'Precious'. The band became the first group since The Beatles to play two songs on BBC's Top Of The Pops.

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