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Friday, 19 August 2011

Events - Thee Savage Kicks

Thee Savage Kicks have been making raucous rumblings for the last 18 months or so in their hometown of London, playing with the likes of other upstarts Thee Vicars and stately fuzzmasters The Fallen Leaves. After releasing a Dirty Water Records single of the week, 'Flipsville
Girl', their debut album, 'Preacher', was released late in 2010 to glowing reviews, one reviewer stating "it’s clear we’re in the realm of live-fast-die-young nihilism where guitars serve as deadly
weapons." And with a fistful of new tracks, the band are looking to head to the studio in late 2011 to record a follow-up.

Armed with new pistoleros - bassist Shane O'Connor and lead guitarist Shaun Marsh – the band are taking their sonic savagery to Paris, playing two shows with feverishly rockin' Parisian bands Les
Guillotines, Brain Eaters and The Norvins. As Thee Savage Kicks are primarily a live beast make sure you go and see 'em!

Friday, September 09 @ Le Rigoletto
Saturday, September 10 @ Espace B


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