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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Record Review - The Loud 'Harris Shutter'

Harris Shutter
Payper Tiger CD

WOW! My first EVER review for Shindig! I thought I was gonna pull a stinker out of the hat, but BAM! – I pulled out a corker, although it has left bite marks on me groin. Hailing from Liverpool, I feared the predictable, yet The Loud’s debut full-length player sees them stepping up to the challenge (like an Italian middleweight – thanks PR people) and they positively swagger and scream into the dark-psych ring/void like a deranged yet poptastic blend of The Cribs (second LP-era), The Make Up and The Fall, with a tasty hint of T-Rex glam stomping on yer head to boot. Quite frankly it even made me feel a bit jealous! Great crunchy modern update on The Monks-type production too, courtesy of Ross Halden. Bringing their religious live experience to an Iggy & The Stooges support slot near you right now – my faith in new bands thusly restored – all I can say is, it’s a knock-out fellas. Biff! Bang! POW!

Luke Smyth

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