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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Record Review - Simon Felton 'Surrender Dorothy

Surrender Dorothy
Pink Hedgehog CD

Sophomore solo effort from Garfield’s Birthday leader focuses on his vocal stylings, leaving most of the instrumental backing to labelmates, Al (Lucky Bishops) Strawbridge and Anton Barbeau. Felton has an emotive voice that perfectly suits his power poppish tunes, which occasionally remind of vintage Squeeze. ‘Marbles’ and ’Surprise’ are obvious hits, but ‘Finally’, ‘Compatible’, and ‘Slowing Down’ reveal a gift for tender, romantic ballads that greatly expands his musical palette. Get these tunes in Robbie Williams’ hands and Mr. Felton will be a very rich man!

Backwards pianos, swirling synths, and groovy mellotrons and wurlitzers, prevent the tunes from miring in a repetitive rut, and Strawbridge’s unobtrusive production keeps things moving along at a light and airy pace. Felton still has a great gift for composing catchy ear candy that sticks in the head for days and Surrender Dorothy! will be stuck in my CD player all summer.

Jeff Penczak

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