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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Record Review - Pikacyu* Makoto 'Om Sweet Home: We Are Shining From The Darkside'

Om Sweet Home: We Are Shining From The Darkside
Riot Season CD

In the annals of the Japanese psych underground there can never have been as complete a melting of minds to match that of Afrirampo’s Pikacyu and Makoto Kawabata of Acid Mothers Temple as showcased on this, the debut waxing from the duo’s monumentally spaced-out side project. The artwork on the gatefold sleeve of this limited edition CD release hints at the cosmic sounds brought to life by the fearsome duo of Pikacyu & Makoto.

With Pikacyu on drums and vocals and Kawabata on guitar this summit meeting of kindred spirits produces some truly staggering results. Opening with a rising crescendo of pseudo Buddhist chants which acts as a prelude for the widescreen roller coaster ride that follows, OM Sweet Home is a dazzling patchwork of deep space reverberation, far out jams and free-form freak-outs that ricochets off Hawkwind, Can, Sonic Youth, Sun Ra et al on its journey towards the stars.

Grahame Bent

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