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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Record Review - The Luck Of Eden Hall 'Butterfly Revolutions Volume 1'

Butterfly Revolutions Volume 1
Walrus Records

A mainstay of Chicago’s music scene for nigh on two decades, psych popsters The Luck Of Eden Hall show that they have lost none of their touch with this cracking new album. If you’ve never heard them, imagine a more accessible version of Asteroid No. 4 or The Brian Jonestown Massacre in that they mix dense guitar sounds with trippy vocals and Keith Moon-like drum fills. This works to best effect on the brilliantly named ‘This Weather Is Better For Velvet Clothes’, which has a tune your postie could whistle (not entirely sure what they’d make of the incendiary guitar solo, though). Butterfly Revolutions loses its way a little in the middle (the band are obviously on nodding terms with early ’70s Floyd and some rather nasty grunge acts), but is redeemed by The Three O’Clock-esque ‘She Falls Down’ and the finale, ‘Queen Anne’s Lace’, a wonderful slice of mellow psych.

Ashley Norris

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