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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Record Review - Dengue Fever 'Cannibal Courtship'

Cannibal Courtship
Fantasy CD/LP

For me, the majestic flow and strength of 2005’s Escape From Dragon House was where Dengue Fever peaked; their third album Venus On Earth flatlined by compassion. However, Cannibal Courtship has restored my fervour to its former high.

Not only is this as good as Dragon House, but it marks a significant development in their melding of eastern and western music styles. The beautiful Chhom Nimol sings in English as well as Khmer and songs like ‘Cement Slippers’ and ‘Family Business’ (check ’em on YouTube) and ‘Thank You Goodbye’ are strident and catchy as hell. The title track opener comes on like a Cambodian Siouxsie & The Banshees!

The vinyl edition is missing two tracks from the CD but you get a download code for the CD version with it. An absolute classic album, retaining both the integrity of the Cambodian pop-rock tradition and the contemporary edge that takes it forward, this is magic music.

Paul Martin

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