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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Feature: An interview with Purson

Demons, Ghouls, Witchcraft, Fireworks, Conspiracy: No band seems to exemplify the sprirt of the season better than newcomers Purson. Fronted by Rosalie Cunningham who appears both dynamic and demonic on the first few tracks to have crawled out of the band’s sessions, Purson will soon put out a single on the illustrious Rise Above Records. Austin Matthews caught up with Rosalie and bassist Ed Turner to find out more.

Shindig!: How did Purson get together?

Rosalie: After the demise of my previous band, Ipso Facto, I was looking for a bassist for a new band I was putting together. I recruited Ed, who I had met whilst recording with Ipso at Toe Rag Studios where he worked as an engineer and session guitarist. We began writing together and soon realised we should form a new band. This new band became Purson. I'd been friends with George (guitar and mellotron) since school, so I knew he'd be a good person to get involved. Raph came to us. We'd advertised for a drummer and had done quite a few auditions but we couldn't find anyone suitable. Then Raph messaged us and we had a rehearsal. Everything just worked after that.

Shindig!: What happened to your previous band, Ipso Facto?

Rosalie: It was too much too soon. I was 17, I had a great time but all people seemed to care about was what lipstick I was wearing and not about the music. I had different ideas that couldn't be realised within that band.

Shindig!: I've read on forums the band described as gothic psychedelia - how would you define the band's sound?

Ed: I'd say Gothprogpsychfolkacidprotodoom. But Gothic Psychedelia will do.

Shindig!: Are the band named after the demon, Purson? Do you guys have any interest in demonology or paganism?

Ed: Yes we are. We just liked how Purson looked and sounded. We don't really have a huge interest in demonology or paganism unless those subjects arise in ’70s horror films.

Shindig!: What are your key influences? I hear snatches of Comus, Coven, Sabbath and Black Widow in your sound

Rosalie: I'll take that as a huge compliment. Sabbath are a key influence for us. We listen to a huge amount of early ’70s progressive/heavy rock so I guess it has seeped in. But we are also both almost obsessive Beatles fans and a lot of what we write has a very pop-like structure.

Shindig!: Are you fans of other contemporary bands who pursue a similar musical path of female-fronted gothic doom like Blood Ceremony, Jex Thoth or Castle?

Ed: We are. We supported Blood Ceremony in October and they were amazingly good. The best live band we've seen in a very long time! We swapped a Purson demo CD for a copy of Living With The Ancients, which was handy as none of us had the money to buy one...

Shindig!: When can we expect to see your debut single on Rise Above? Which songs will be on it?

Rosalie: Hopefully in December. It will be a limited 300 copy 7". The two songs are 'Rocking Horse' and 'Twos and Ones'.

Purson play the Happening club night on November 5th at The Drop on Stoke Newington High Street along with ‘Thee’ Duke of Dark and The November Five. Purson on Facebook & Soundcloud.

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