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Friday, 11 November 2011

Quadrophenia day this Monday

Its the mod cultural icon that always entertains new generations, a testament to the power of post-war teenage subculture and to the majesty of early 60s London. Yes we are talking about Quadrophenia, arguably The Who's finest hour on both record and on celluloid. This Monday November 14th the UK gets it's chance to hold the Director's Cut of the 1973 album, and a Blu-Ray high defintion version of the 1979 film.

The "Director’s Cut" of the album has been authorised and overseen by Pete Townshend. Based around the story of Jimmy, Quadrophenia tells the tale of a young mod and his struggle to come of age in the mid-1960s.The story also takes its influence from the band’s early fans from the original mod era. The project was intended to reflect the four characters of The Who. There is a super-deluxe limited edition box set available that features (deep breath) the original double album remastered, 25 unreleased demo tracks from Townshend’s studio archive, a 5.1 EP eight track DVD (re-mixed for surround sound), a 100-page hard-back book featuring a brand new 13,000 word essay 'by Townshend, a replica 7" vinyl single featuring '5.15' b/w 'Water', six facsimile memorabilia ‘inserts’ housed in a card envelope, and a 20" x 30" poster. If you love this album no doubt this will be on your Christmas wish list!

Plus Quadrophenia on Blu-ray has finally been confirmed. The extras will be a commentary, a documentary 'A Way Of Life: Making Quadrophenia', plus a featurette called 'On Location With Franc Roddam' and the original trailer.

Get your zoot suit on and down to your usual retailers. Chanting 'We Are The Mods! We Are The Mods! We Are We We Are The Mods!' is optional.

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