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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Record Review - Crimson Highlights 'Just For The Record'

Just for the Record EP
Self-released CD

Superior powerpop from Norway with all the classic hallmarks of the genre – deadly precision guitars, monster choruses and crisp-as-a-duck songwriting. The band draw heavily on classic rock ‘n’ roll so alongside the Raspberries/Badfinger influences you’d expect, they throw in a little Stones-style Americana.

The material works best way when they stay away from more trad elements of the style with ‘Deborahlee’ and ‘Hurts so Good’ the stand-out songs. Frontman Per has a great voice somewhere between wide-eyed childish innocence and whisky soaked wisdom and with five tracks of high quality and obvious commercial appeal it would be a surprise if the band doesn’t go on to greater things.

If there are any criticisms perhaps the sound is slightly too Americanised, bringing no real flavour from their home country but this is but a small point in an overall high quality package that should be top of the list to buy for powerpop fans everywhere.
Austin Matthews

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