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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Record Review - Paradise 9

State Of The Nation EP

Dedicated to the memory of Inner City Unit founder member Judge Trev Thoms, who also contributed guitar on two of the tracks here, State Of The Nation is brimful of attitudinal acid-punk and ambient space-rock. The first two songs fall under the former category: the object of P9’s ire could easily be intended for the coalition government on the fast-paced title track. After maintaining the tempo on a jaunty ‘Is This The Time?’, P9 drop down a gear or two for the second half of the EP.

The atmospheric synth soundscape that is ‘Ocean Rise’ is given extra resonance by the timbre of Gregg McKella’s “psychedelic clarinet”. This gives way to ‘Distant Dreams’ – a spacey folkadelic number, reminiscent at times of mid-1970s Hawkwind. It’s also rendered particularly poignant thanks to Judge Trev’s haunting acoustic guitar – his swansong if you like. A worthy successor to their 2009 EP Nothing For Tomorrow.

Rich Deakin

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