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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Record Review - The Amazing 'Gentle Stream'

Gentle Stream

When a band take a name like The Amazing, they’d better have the chops to back it up. Happily, this Swedish outfit – a collective headed by Reine Fiske and Johan Holmegard of neo-psych juggernauts Dungen, singer-songwriter Christoffer Gunrup and highly rated jazz drummer Moussa Fadera – are masterful enough to take that mantle on.

The band’s second album proper, Gentle Stream is widescreen, panoramic, horizon-reaching stuff. An elegantly constructed record of moody psychedelic majesty, it comes with a greater dose of CSNY-style Laurel Canyon bliss than previous recordings. Album highlight ‘Flashlight’ sounds at times like Nick Drake being backed by Radiohead at their jazziest, whilst suffering from a bad case of The Fairports.

It’s eight songs clocking in at a luxurious 45 minutes long, during which astral guitars intertwine in serpentine solos, horns blast rainbow melodies and Gunrup’s flute-like voice floats soothingly over the sunset sounds.

Luke Smyth

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