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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Record Review - Modus 'Lovebug'

Lovebug/Kitten Casino
Two Cat

Modus are a sharp-suited quintet based in Edinburgh fronted by Miss Modus, the psychedelic sex kitten in go-go boots fit for walking over a street of broken hearts. Their manifesto? To bring their heavy Hammond-heavy grooves and blue-eyed soul to the masses. Coming together during The Summer Of Love (the summer of 2002 to you and me) Rod Spark, Bruce Wagener and Scott Kennedy shared a mutual love of soul rarities, infectious organ and top-drawer pop music. It wasn’t until the addition of Mel Johnson and Miss Modus a year later that the love bomb exploded onto the ’60s scene.

The top side of debut single ‘Lovebug’ raises its glass to the wigged-out jazz groove of Brian Auger & The Trinity, whilst ‘Kitten Casino’ follows the titular chanteuse through the drunken haze of a Friday night on the prowl to a mid-60s Euro beat. Sweet!
Yvonne McKeown

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