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Monday, 14 November 2011

Style – Art Gallery Clothing

London Clothing Label Art Gallery's new online shop goes live

Stylish Modernism For The 21st Century

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Art Gallery Clothing's Alex Banks is pleased to announce the launch of online shop www.artgalleryclothing.co.uk. "It's looking great," he smiles, "and really sums up what the new line of clothes are all about. The early ’60s / late ’50s feel of Soho and Absolute Beginners is most certainly apparent in the Winter Collection, but that's not to say all of our lines will purely represent modernism. Who knows, the spring or summer ranges may have elements of sharp punk attire, or something else entirely. We look to the future with elements of the past. We're not stuck in it!"

The Italiente lines and patterns of the 2012 knitwear range indeed recall a pre-Swinging London, when American GIs rubbed shoulders with young Stylists, well versed in R&B music. This period marked the first wave of a rapidly changing, consumerist society stoked on fashion. The time when a brand new, clean cut look – that mirrored both European cinema and the impeccable cool of Blue Note jazz – was starting to take hold on the hippest members of London night life.


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