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Monday, 21 November 2011

Record Review: The Cult Of Dom Keller

self-released CD/ download

It was three years ago that I discovered these Nottingham freaks, and they happily haven't imploded yet. In fact they've gone from strength to strength with their warped psychedelia, as their third EP now admirably displays. Without doubt these guys are the closest thing the UK has to a Black Angels, so it was no surprise to see them invited over for the bands' Austin Psych Fest earlier this year.

Some of you may know I used to run a club named 'The Acid Gallery', after the Pebbles compilation. That had a track on it by Dom Kellar Os Mods. You've Got Good Taste, as someone once sang. The band name suggests the occult, and so do the sounds on this EP. This isn't music which could ever be described as commercial, coming as it seemingly does from the bowels of a very dark place. Neil Marsden's deeply intoned vocals on the wonderfully-named 'This Is How It Feels To Live Your Life Dead' made me feel at first as if listening to an Ian Curtis-fronted Spacemen 3. The stoner fuzz of 'Dead Seas' is a droneful intonation to 'bring life' and...something more sinister no doubt, though I mostly cannot fathom was is being sung. 'Heavy and Dead' repeats the same trick, but with less effect. 'Ghost Bones' has some great tremelo vocals and impenetrable fuzz guitar squalls, whilst EP closer 'Black Pullet Blues' is a mysterious mutant blues recorded with too-much-even-for-Joe-Meek levels of reverb.

If the band were to write a chorus or two they may find more people joining the cult, but then again they would probably lose what is most magical about them. For now we have this: intense, fantastic sounding, occasionally transcendental lysergic noise.

Phil Istine

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