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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Features – Bezoar interview

AUSTIN MATTHEWS spoke to vocalist/bassist SARA VILLARD from Bezoar about the band’s new album of heavy doom freak-outs, Wyt Deth.

Happening: There has been a lot of different tags thrown around about your music – how would you describe it?

Sara Villard: In simple terms we would describe it as weird doom, prog, expressive, heavy psych... something like that

H: Doom metal isn’t known for it’s artiness – do you consider yourselves to be breaking the mold in that regard?

SV: I didn't realise that doom metal wasn't artistic! I don't know if we break a mold in this way, but we are definitely trying to make something new that we can be proud of. The best bands of any genre always blur the lines. I think we take what we like from doom and any other style we're digging at the time. Stylistic rules and scene politics should be obsolete in 2012.

H: Are you out of step with the current music scene in New York?

SV: Perhaps, but the New York music scene is all about the industry of cool, so if we are, I don't mind. We love this city for both its drawbacks and virtues.

H: Who else are you listening to at the moment?

SV: Listening to a lot of Phillip Glass, Absu, ZZ Top, Candlemass, Angelcorpse, Chopin, Amon Duul II, and on and on!!

H: Your music is quite complex yet performed by just the three of you – is it difficult to replicate the studio sound in the live arena?

SV: No, not really. For the most part we do everything live on the recording and really make it a point of only going as far as what we can recreate live. Someday this could change, but for now I like the idea of doing it all with three people.

H: Some of the way the lyrics are delivered on the album sound more like incantations than songs – was this the intention?

SV: I just sing what comes and perfect it from there. I do like the fact they sound like this but would also like to bring about more song-like vocals on the next record.

H: What are the future plans for the band?

SV: Records, Touring, Playing, coming to Europe and travelling as much as possible!

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