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Monday, 23 July 2012

Record Review - Sun Gods In Exile

Thanks For The Silver

Small Stone CD

There’s a great section in The Acid Archives (Guide to Underground Sounds ‘65-‘82) written by Rich Haupt on the many shapes and flavours of southern rock. What it doesn't extend to cover is the modern school of bands who play in the style but don’t emanate from anywhere near the southern half of the US of A. Sun Gods in Exile are such a band, hailing from Portland, Maine, which is about as far north as America extends before you start to get into Sarah Palin territory.

The band play super heavy southern boogie with obligatory macho lyrics, which might be pretty boring were it not for the superb riffs and melodies they employ throughout the album. In particular, the anthemic ‘Hammerdown’ and ‘Since I’ve Been Home’ are definite stand-outs.

Frankly southern rock isn’t really quite my thing but equally it’s hard to deny the exuberance and quality of the music. How southern gents feel about the authenticity of their cousins from north of the Mason-Dixon line is another matter.

Austin Matthews

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