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Monday, 9 July 2012

Record Review - The Movements / Angry Dead Pirates

The Movements vs Angry Dead Pirates

Pariah Records 10” split EP

With one side a piece and three tracks each, this split 10” EP finds The Movements, from Gothenburg in Sweden, squaring up to French band Angry Dead Pirates, from Toulose, but both bands also cover one of the other’s songs too. Ironically enough then, it’s the covers that prove to be the highlight of each band’s respective side.

The Movements’ cover of ‘Put Me Down’ is a fast paced shouty punk number with plenty of attitude and some mad wah-wah to boot, whilst they mine a more traditional 1960s garage vein on their own compositions – there’s also a great atmospheric Spaghetti Western feel to ‘She Said’.

With keyboards swirling amidst a barrage of fuzz distortion and echo effects, The Angry Dead Pirates certainly have a good hold on lysergic induced psychedelia too. Their cover of The Movements’ ‘Being’ is blatantly about LSD, and ‘I Don’t Mind’ is a Farfisa-fuelled garage goodie of groove-a-licious proportions.

You’ve got to hand it to the Scandinavians then, and the French for that matter, they don’t half know how to knock out a decent garage tune.

Rich Deakin

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